Erjot Tarpaulin

Car coverstarpaulin ads and much more!
We are constantly expanding our company's offer and improving the qualifications of our employees to provide you with the highest quality of service and high-quality products. We are specialized in the production of both car tarpaulins and curtains, car curtains and even advertising banners! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our company.

Area of transport

Car covers - semi-trailers and trailers

Curtains, side curtains

Custom duty tarpauline

Tarpaulins for commercial vehicles,  transporters

Pickups and cabriolets

Dump trucks and specialist cars


Light trailers

Feed carts

Tarpaulins for vehicles to transport bituminous masses

Thermal insulation coating for road vehicles – asphalt

All accessories for tarpaulins and PVC material


Area of Industry

Tent hall

The curtains from PVC belts - cold and frosty

The curtains for  warehouse and production halls

Store and trade awnings

Commercial/trade canopy

Condensation tanks

Coating of thermal convectors for concrete plants

Wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants

Water reservoirs, including retention reservoirs

Pillars of unloading gates

Covers for machines and devices

Wheel arch for heavy vehicles – forestry

PVC sheets protecting construction sites


Area of sport

Training mats for martial arts

Service mats for rally vehicles

Service mats and boxes for motocross

Tarpaulins for iceboat and sailing

Covering tennis courts and playing fields

Children's parks, water parks, monkey groves - "safe" function

Repair of water equipment: bananas, pontoons, floats, buoys


Recreation area

Holiday cottages

Tent halls

Sheds at home-terraces

Recreational, banquette and barbecue houses

Commercial light-market tents

Sailing and sport boats - comprehensive coverage

Motor boats, water scooters and kayaks

Sandbox covers


Military area

Military covers

Masking nets – training ground

Tarpaulins for heavy military equipment including supply


Restaurant area

Canopies of beer gardens and restaurants

Recreational sheds for integration events


Agro area 

Insulating curtains for transporting live animals

Compost and fertilizer farm sheets

Coverings for composters and utility rooms


Advertising area - advertising banners!

We make advertising banners, tarpaulins and prints on MESH meshes. We also offer services related to finishing works: welding, reinforcing, eyeleting, sewing, gluing on a carrier, and steel constructions. We laminate or varnish prints on customer's request.

Advertising banners and other promotional forms are made in the solvent printing technology, on solvent inks, permanently bonding to the ground. Digital printing is resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperature differences, moisture and other weather conditions. We also make inscriptions and advertising graphics on tarpaulin materials using specialized paints.


ERJOT offers advertising printing on materials such as:

Tarpaulin material

MESH - Grid banner

Frontlift - One-sided banner

Self-adhesive foils

Polyester fabric



We offer tents and storage halls of any size. The structure is made of hot-galvanized steel profiles and covered with a standard tarpaulin fabric or flame-retardant fabric with appropriate approvals and certificates. The modular nature of the structure allows its expansion to unlimited sizes.


Tent halls

We offer our clients storage tents of any size, tailored to specific needs. Due to the fact that building permits are not due, they are a perfect solution for those in need who can quickly and cheaply secure the stored goods.
Tent halls are made of hot galvanized steel profiles covered with standard or non-flammable M2 material, whose fire resistance is confirmed by a certificate compliant with Polish and European standards. All our tent halls have a modular structure, allowing, if necessary, for collision-free extension of the hall.


Restaurant gardens and canopies

In the spring-summer-autumn period, a convenient solution for increasing the sheltered usable area of the premises is the roofing. The roof and sides of the roof can be dismantled completely or only rolled. The roofing is made of tarpaulin material with a weight of 680 g / m2, occurring in a wide range of colors. In order to obtain the spatial effect, windows are welded into a tarpaulin of any shape. The roof can be based on an existing structure or it can be made of a hot-galvanized steel structure.

Thanks to garden arbors, staying on the plot can be even more enjoyable. The gazebo is made of tarpaulin material with a weight of 680 g / m2, in any color. At customer's request, they can be heated with a high-transparency PVC material. The breeze and the size of the gazebo are individually agreed with the client. To enhance the appearance of the tarpaulin coating, we suggest you to decorate decorative finishes such as valance or bolection in the windows.


Event tents

Currently, more and more events are organized outdoors in the open air. Event tents of which we are a producer are great for this. The size of the tent is determined with the client. For the production of coatings, we use materials that have a non-flammable certificate in accordance with Polish and European standards. We also offer tents, whose side walls and lances are made of a tarpaulin with a high degree of transparency (windows)


Garden tunnels

The wide use of tarpaulin material allows it to be used for the production of garden tunnels, which allow obtaining crops from the ground earlier, creating a specific microclimate for the protected plants. It also prevents the formation of mold on the leaves of plants during spring rainfall.


Aluminum constructions

Aluminum structures are becoming more and more popular and we have expanded our offer. The solution is functional and spatial, thanks to which it is successfully applied to both individual and business customers
Aluminum is a light material, thanks to which it accelerates and simplifies the construction and disassembly process. It is also cheaper to transport, because the constructions created from it take up little space. Undoubtedly, the advantage is also high durability and low sensitivity to external conditions. These constructions look aesthetically, reflect the lights of the headlights and, if necessary, thanks to the openwork structure, the patches can be covered with decorations.


Membrane roofs

One of the most modern roofing methods are membranes, i.e. structural roofs. They are characterized by very high originality, elegance and functionality.
Membrane roofs will distinguish your company and you from others who have traditional tent covers. They are a great architectural solution for individual clients and companies. They are suitable for use in public places as canopies of playgrounds, restaurants, car parks and in homes as roofs for gardens and terraces.
For the production of membrane canopies, we use materials from renowned French, German and Belgian companies, with a weight of 680 to 900 g / m2. The materials are easy to clean, double-varnished, characterized by high resistance to weather conditions.


Banquet halls

Banquet halls are used for small and large parties as well as elegant ceremonies. Our banquet halls complemented with an additional furnishing: windows, ceilings, floors, lighting and heating will create a unique atmosphere of any celebration. Tent halls can be installed on every surface: in the garden, on paving stones, on the beach, etc.
Additional equipment:

* Gates

* Steel and aluminum doors

* Ceilings, windows


* Lighting and heating

Renting a tent hall directly from the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality and a competitive price.


Temporary roofs of buildings

We offer temporary roofing of buildings (temporary roofing):

* For the time of reconstruction, renovation or construction of the building from scratch

In case your facility was damaged by a fire or other unfortunate event

Temporary roofing when there is a need to obtain additional space in a short time

When you are not sure whether your room needs will still be valid in 10 years

Warehouse halls

Warehouse halls allow for fast and effective protection of various types of materials. In the walls of the industrial hall, trapezoidal sheet or a sandwich panel is installed. Light transmitting membranes located in the roof of the warehouse allow you to use it without switching on the lighting. The halls can be installed or dismantled within 1-3 days


We offer the construction of warehouse and production halls with an arched or gable structure:


The main features of the hall:

* Dimensions 8m x 24m with the possibility of any extension every 2-4 meters

* Arched steel construction

* Painted with undercoat and chlorinated rubber

* cover: PVC coating, trapezoidal sheet or plate with polyurethane core


The basic advantages of the hall we offer include, among others:

* Resistance to winds thanks to the "elliptical" shape

* Zero snow loads - safety

* A wide range of applications